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The Clinical Outcome Variables Scale (COVS) is a quantitative clinical tool for formulating physical rehabilitation treatment goals. This web site provides information on COVS and allows you to download the COVS data management software.
COVS was developed at The Rehabilitation Centre by Louise Seaby to improve the outcome from setting physiotherapy treatment goals. COVS is useful as

  • a clinical tool,
  • a quality management tool,
  • a tool for monitoring treatment effectiveness
  • a tool for monitoring clinical efficiency
  • a bench marking tool
  • an educational tool
  • a research tool

For information about the COVS 2000 package (includes 2 guideline booklets and the new COVS video) or for purchasing an updated guidelines booklet please contact

Institute for Rehabilitation Research and Development
505 Smyth Road, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K1H 8M2

Phone: (613) 737-7350 ext. 75321
FAX: (613) 737-4260

COVS 2000 packages: $85.00
COVS Guidelines Booklet: $30.00


Download the COVS Data Management Software

The COVS Data Management Software is a database program that allows you to enter COVS data, store client results, calculate scores, and generate reports. COVS Data Management Software v1.0 is shareware. Software users are asked to send $25.00 to the Institute for Rehabilitation Research and Development (please see address above).

Click here to download (11.5 Mb)

NOTE: 1. After downloading the file:, please upzip the files into a temporary folder (like: c:/temp). Then double click the setup.exe and follow the instruction to install the software.
2. After installing the software, please restart your computer before using COVS.