Wearable Mobility Monitoring for People with Disabilities

Graduate student positions available for smartphone and smart-watch moblity app development, evaluation (able-bodied, elderly, amputee, hemiplegia groups), and automated methods for wearable video analysis. Applicants must be eligble for the Ottawa-Carleton Institute for Biomedical Engineering or Human Kinetics (Biomechanics). Email Edward Lemaire for information.

Mobility is the ability to move independently from one point to another. For people with physical disabilities, mobility deficits negatively impact quality of life and health status. For this population, mobility includes walking on various terrains, using a wheelchair, driving, negotiating stairs and ramps, etc. Optimizing mobility enhances independence, reduces isolation, promotes participation, and improves quality of life. Healthcare providers need to understand and evaluate how a person moves in order to make optimal clinical decisions. Ideally, mobility can be evaluated unobtrusive as the person proceeds through the activities of daily living (ADL). This can be achieved with a Wearable Mobility Monitoring System (WMMS) that the person wears while going about their daily life. Movement is logged throughout the day and thus provides the healthcare provider with 'real-life' information on the person's mobility.

Our research uses smartphone platforms to develop WMMS devices that use new smartphone technology to analyze a person's mobility and then supply a healthcare provider with the appropriate mobility report. These systems need to be affordable, efficient, and user-friendly for healthcare consumers and professionals.


Current Projects


Principle Investigators Edward Lemaire
Natalie Baddour
Students Franck Tchuente Kemdjo
Jiayao Huang
Amir Rahnamai Barghi
Hui-Hsien Wu
Gaetanne Hache
Marco Tundo
Payam Moradshahi
Johnny Farah
Paul Genest
Hasith Vidanamadura
Viran Daluwatte
Aakash Sethi
Olivier Miguel
Charlotte Lewis
Darren Stahl
Robert Nelson
Amaia Hernandez
Rui Liu
Haowen Shi
Jake MacDonald
Evan Beisheim
George-Antoine Assi
Nicole Capela
Stephen Baskey
Mehdi Salehi






Send email to Edward Lemaire for more information.