Motion Analysis Tools (Shockwave)

Motion Analysis Tools
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Important Notes

  1. You must install Quicktime. If you cannot open a file, reinstall Quicktime (compatible with MOV, AVI, and MPEG video files - DV files not supported).
  2. All files must be in a folder/directory called DSWMEDIA (for security purposes).
  3. You must enter the full path to load a file (ex., C:\DSWMEDIA\video.avi).
  4. MAT (Shockwave) should run on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux systems

Please complete the MAT (Shockwave) evaluation questionnaire

This web page describes the Shockwave version of Motion Analysis Tools (MAT). Shockwave programs automatically run in your web browser. The original MAT software was developed for Windows 95/NT program. Both Windows and Shockwave versions are used to take measurements from digital video files. This software is intended for clinical use; however, it may be useful for anyone in the fields of biomechanics or ergonomics. Here are the Shockwave version features:

The native Shockwave format is Quicktime (MOV); however, other formats such as AVI and MPEG can be used. We have experienced some problems with formats such as DV format and MPEG. If you have problems, try compressing the AVI file with another CODEC or convert the video clip to Quicktime.


Sample Video Files

* Remember to copy files into a folder named dswmedia (ex., c:\dswmedia\gait1.avi).

Send email to Edward Lemaire for more information.

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