Rehab Engineering Database

The rehabilitation engineering database was developed by ROHCG Information Services staff in consultation with Rehabilitation Engineering staff. The Rehabilitation Engineering Job Tracking and Billing System has seven main screens:

With most screens there are options for adding new client or job information, editing a previous entry, deleting a previous entry or searching for an entry or group of entries. The Job Status/Follow-up screen allows entry and tracking of the current and past statuses. For example we will be able to record the date and make notes about when a job is started, if parts are ordered, if the client has been contacted when it is completed etc. At present, in total we have over 22 valid job statuses to choose from and this list can be altered if necessary through the Maintenance module.

The system can run on a Novell network. The Report feature will create and report on jobs started within a specified time frame that have not been completed, and also list jobs that were completed within a specified time frame. This list is very useful during our discipline staff meetings as it is usual to have 30-50 different jobs at various stages of completion at any given time and this report will replace a list that was manually generated in the past. The third report will facilitate gathering of information for quanity assurance indicators, as well as providing a quarterly summary of our activities for service and program planning. The Search feature will allow searching of the database in a variety of ways and will produce a list of all entries that match that search criteria specified.